Rapid Economic Change increase demands for all professionals to work in a collaborative environment on behalf of their clients.
• Insurance & Financial Planners
• Accounting and Tax Professionals
• Legal
• Philanthropy
• Investment Advisors
•Trust Officers

Engage with us; use our services and resources to expand your practice and benefit your clients. We add value through knowledge and experience.

Each client and partner have unique needs and circumstances requiring choice and options for engagement. We have set some more typical models to work from as a guide.

• Comprehensive Tax planning and strategies.
• Business succession planning
• Establishing charitable and philanthropic objectives
• Joint case work
• Trustee training
• Advisor training (Some CE approved)
• Consultation
• Forensics and second opinions
• Family Business Solutions

The Family Business Can Solve All These Problems!

• More Than Family: Non-Family Executives in the Family Business

• Make Change Your Family Business Tradition

• Family Business Ownership: How To Be An Effective Shareholder

• Conflict and Communication in the Family Business

• Letting Go: Preparing Yourself to Relinquish Control of the Family Business

• Nurturing the Talent to Nurture the Legacy: Career Development in the Family Business

• Working for a Family Business: A Non-Employees Guide to Success 

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Family Business -where can we help?

• Family Business Succession: The Final Test of Greatness • Family Meetings: How To Build A Stronger Family and A Stronger Business • Preparing Successors for Leadership: Another Kind of Hero • How Families Work Together • Family Business Compensation • How to Choose & Use Advisors: Getting the Best Professional Family Business Advice • Financing Transitions: Managing Capital and Liquidity In the Family Business • Family Business Governance: Maximizing Family and Business Potential • Preparing Your Family Business for Strategic Change • Making Sibling Teams Work: The Next Generation • Developing Family Business Policies: Your Guide to the Future • Family Business Values: How to Assure a Legacy of Continuity and Success • The Family Constitution: Agreements to Secure and Perpetuate Your Family and Your Business • Effective Leadership in the Family Business • From Siblings to Cousins: Prospering in the Third Generation and Beyond  


The Professional Advisors Network includes firms to assist you in all the need areas mentioned.  A comprehensive and holistic approach secures generational business and family objectives.